Why I Became A Financial Advisor

| December 14, 2018
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We all have goals and dreams, but very few of those goals and dreams become a reality without strategy and intention. Nowhere is this more true than with finances. Whether your goal is to achieve financial freedom in retirement or create a legacy for your family, you will need to put a plan in place and take deliberate steps to get from point A to point B. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start and what steps will actually get you where you want to be. This is why I became a financial advisor, to help people reach their financial goals and feel empowered in the process.

Launching My Career

In order to build a career foundation, I started adding education and experience to my resume. I received my bachelor’s degree in business administration and marketing from the University of Colorado at Boulder and put my newfound knowledge into practice as an Investment Advisor Representative. After 14 years, I spent some time as a Retirement Plan Consultant, eventually becoming a Director of Retirement Investment Services at another firm . With 20 years of experience, specifically in the institutional retirement plan space, I joined the team at Cornerstone Capital Advisors.

My Role At Cornerstone Capital

Today, I am the Director of Fiduciary Services and a Lead Advisor at Cornerstone Capital Advisors. I serve as a fiduciary advisor for group retirement plans and help employers achieve better participant and plan sponsor outcomes. My passion is to make 401(k) plans optimal for everyone involved and ensure that employers and employees have everything they need to reach their retirement goals.

Ups And Downs

Any job, no matter how much you love it, has highs and lows. For me, it can be difficult to help people see the big picture of their finances and realize that change needs to happen and decisions need to be made so they can set themselves up for an ideal financial future. Everyone has a unique financial situation and faces unique challenges, and I want to help people right where they are and show them what is possible.

No matter how hard certain conversations can be, I wouldn’t choose any other career. I love to build relationships with my clients and see people build a nest egg that allows them to retire when they want, the way they want. I am driven to do my best work because of all of those who depend on me to make their retirement plans the greatest they can be.

Take The Next Step In Your Financial Life

If you want to work with someone who listens to your needs and provides objective and tailored guidance so you can achieve the best possible outcome for your finances and 401(k) plans, I would love to help you. Get started today by calling us at (330) 896-6250 or emailing [email protected] to set up a no-obligation introductory meeting!

About Grey

Grey Kennedy is a Director of Fiduciary Services and Lead Advisor at Cornerstone Capital Advisors with over 20 years of experience in financial services, specializing in institutional retirement plans. Grey received his bachelor’s degree in business administration and marketing from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and also holds the Accredited Investment Fiduciary™ (AIF®) and Certified Health Savings Advisor (CHSA®) designations. He is an active volunteer with Junior Achievement and enjoys giving of his time with that organization to support financial literacy for kids. Grey resides in Avon Lake, OH with his wife, Cindy, and their three children. He volunteers for the local community soccer board and enjoys playing golf, hiking with his dog, and traveling with family and friends. Learn more about Grey by connecting with him on LinkedIn.

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